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Located just 5 minutes from Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown

Located just 5 minutes away, Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown is a luxury 4 star hotel near the National Sports Campus.

The hotel offers a perfect place to stay near the National Campus due to its location, its healthy dining options (more information available at the time of booking) as well as the Fitness Suite available on site for all guests.

If you would like to find out more about our popular Blanchardstown Hotel you can contact us via email.

The National Sports Campus Development Authority (NSCDA) was formally established on 1 January, 2007, under the National Sports Campus Development Authority Act 2006, which also provided for the dissolution of its predecessor Campus and Stadium Ireland Development Ltd.(CSID).

The principal functions of the new Authority are to:

  • Develop a Sports Campus at Abbotstown, Dublin 15.
  • Furnish and equip the Sports Campus.
  • Manage, operate and maintain the Sports Campus.
  • Encourage and promote the use of the sports campus by professional and amateur sports people and members of the public.

The new Authority also has responsibility for the operation of the National Aquatic Centre, which is a key resource within the National Sports Campus at Abbotstown.

Keep up to date with all National sports campus events.